Driving Economic Empowerment: Black Wall Street AVL’s Journey towards the Asheville Chamber 125th Anniversary Grant

The Asheville Chamber’s 125th Anniversary Grant stands as a beacon of hope and collaboration, offering non-profit organizations an opportunity to make a profound impact on the community. Among the inspiring nominees, Black Wall Street AVL has emerged as a leading contender, with a clear vision to reduce economic disparities and foster innovation in Asheville. This blog post highlights the significance of the Asheville Chamber’s grant, outlines Black Wall Street AVL’s goals for the grant, and calls upon the community to rally behind our nomination.

Asheville Chamber – 125th Anniversary Grant: Celebrating Progress and Collaboration

The Asheville Chamber’s 125th Anniversary Grant serves as a testament to our dedication to progress and collaboration. This milestone anniversary provides an ideal platform to acknowledge organizations that share our mission of building a thriving business community. The grant reflects the Chamber’s belief in the power of collective impact and our commitment to fostering collaboration among strategic partners and member businesses.


OUR GOAL for the Grant: Pioneering Innovative Economic Approaches

Black Wall Street AVL has outlined a comprehensive set of goals for the grant, rooted in our core mission of reducing economic disparities in Asheville. our innovative project, aptly titled “10,000 Connections: Connecting our Region for Everyone to Thrive,” focuses on driving economic empowerment through several key initiatives.

  • Innovative Economic Approaches: At the heart of our strategy is the Entrepreneurial Navigator program, designed to connect all entrepreneurs, regardless of background, with the resources they need for success. This innovative approach ensures efficient access to support, avoiding duplication of services and streamlining the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Quality Jobs and Workforce: Black Wall Street AVL aims to create a positive impact on the job market by supporting business growth and expansion. In the past two years alone, our dedicated members have collectively created 24 quality jobs, and they are committed to generating even more employment opportunities in the future.


  • Youth Success in School: Black Wall Street AVL’s commitment to empowering youth is exemplified through our BWS Jr. program. By utilizing entrepreneurship as a vehicle for learning, the program reinforces vital skills in math, reading, and history. Moreover, it provides tangible experiences for youth, demonstrating how they can generate $1,000 in sales and encouraging our success in both education and future entrepreneurial endeavors.


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT: Unite for Economic Empowerment

To bolster our chances of securing the Asheville Chamber 125th Anniversary Grant, Black Wall Street AVL relies on the unwavering support of the entire community. Together, we can catalyze positive change and foster an inclusive and thriving economic landscape in Asheville. There are numerous ways to contribute to our cause:

  1. Vote for us: Participate in Black Wall Street AVL’s initiative by voting us on the Asheville Chamber 125th Anniversary Grant here! https://bit.ly/10kConnections
  2. Spread the word: Utilize social media platforms and personal networks to raise awareness about Black Wall Street AVL’s mission, goals, and our grant application. Share success stories and inspire others to join the movement. 
  3. Advocate for change: Write letters or testimonials expressing your belief in the transformative impact that Black Wall Street AVL’s work can have on the community. Highlight our innovative approaches, job creation efforts, and dedication to empowering the youth.


The Asheville Chamber 125th Anniversary Grant represents a remarkable opportunity to ignite economic empowerment and foster collaboration within the community. Black Wall Street AVL’s goals, ranging from innovative economic approaches to quality job creation and youth success, embody our unwavering commitment