Honoring Resilience and Excellence: The Black Wall Street Legacy Award 2024

On February 17, 2024, history unfolded once again at the iconic Black Wall Street Building as it played host to the prestigious Black Wall Street Legacy Award ceremony. This event, a beacon of celebration and recognition, stood as a testament to the resilience, innovation, and unwavering spirit of the Black community.

The Black Wall Street Legacy Award 2024 not only celebrated the achievements of remarkable individuals and organizations but also served as a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of Black excellence and empowerment. Let us illuminate the brilliance of those honored on this momentous occasion.

Community Leader Award: Philip Cooper

Philip Cooper, a guiding light in his community, was rightfully bestowed with the Community Leader Award. His tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to uplifting and empowering those around him have inspired countless lives, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Emerging Young Leader Award: Sapphire De’Bellot

Sapphire De’Bellot, a rising star whose passion and determination know no bounds, received the Emerging Young Leader Award. Her vision, resilience, and transformative leadership embody the promise of tomorrow, igniting hope and possibility in the hearts of young dreamers everywhere.

Business Trailblazer Award: Trina & Kahlani Jackson

Trina & Kahlani Jackson, visionaries and trailblazers in the business world, were honored with the Business Trailblazer Award. Their entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence have not only transformed industries but have also paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps.

Outstanding Elder Award: Jacquelyn Hallum

Jacquelyn Hallum, a beacon of wisdom, grace, and strength, was celebrated with the Outstanding Elder Award. Her lifelong dedication to community service, advocacy, and empowerment serves as a shining example of the profound impact that one individual can have on the world around them.

Outstanding Non-Profit Organization: Sisters Caring 4 Sisters

Sisters Caring 4 Sisters, a pillar of support and compassion in the community, received the Outstanding Non-Profit Organization Award. Their unwavering dedication to serving and uplifting marginalized women embodies the true essence of sisterhood and solidarity.


Lifetime Achievement Award: Johnnie Grant

Johnnie Grant, a true pioneer and visionary, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. His remarkable contributions to the advancement of civil rights, social justice, and equality have left an indelible mark on history, inspiring future generations to continue the fight for justice and equality.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Nian Avery & Cici Weston

Nian Avery & Cici Weston, dynamic entrepreneurs and innovators, were recognized with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Their bold vision, creativity, and unwavering determination have redefined what it means to thrive in the face of adversity, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Educator of the Year Award: Ruafika Cobb

Ruafika Cobb, a dedicated educator and changemaker, was celebrated with the Educator of the Year Award. Her passion for knowledge, unwavering commitment to her students, and innovative teaching methods have not only transformed lives but have also ignited a lifelong love of learning in those she inspires.

As if the brilliance of the award recipients wasn’t enough, the event was further enriched by the presence of esteemed guest speakers whose words resonated with passion, wisdom, and a call to action. Their voices, echoing the struggles and triumphs of generations past, served as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity, resilience, and collective action in the ongoing fight for justice and equality.

The Black Wall Street Legacy Award 2024 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of resilience, excellence, and the enduring spirit of the Black community. As we reflect on the achievements of those honored and the words of wisdom shared, let us be inspired to continue the journey towards a more just, equitable, and inclusive world for all.


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